Cloudwater – IPA/RMX


Cloudwater – IPA/RMX


Een collab met de artiesten van GoGo Penguin om hun nieuwe album te vieren. Wat een knaller weer van Cloudwater gebrouwen met Sabro & Motueka hops.

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Our work at Cloudwater starts with the intention of helping you relax and unwind with the finest quality modern beers we can make. We employ all the passion, skills, dreams, and experience of our team, and harness up-to-the-minute brewing science and techniques, out of respect for the ingredients our suppliers work hard to grow and process, and out of our gratitude for your support and trust.

We’re devoted to offering you value through bold, precise flavours, bottomless drinkability, the lowest possible off-flavour presentation, and consistency from one beer to the next.

Founded in 2014, we brewed our first beers on February 14th 2015. In our short history, we have made hundreds of different beers, in styles old and new, classical and imagined, evolving our brewing skills, honing our sensory evaluation techniques, and trialling fermentation and process changes in pursuit of ever higher-quality beer.

Outside our range of evolving and one-off seasonal beers, we collaborate with some of the world’s best breweries, and we also produce modern takes on classic styles. Though modern beer is our focus, we honour those that trail-blaze around us, and that pioneered before us by a constant focus on quality and innovation.

Our beer is brewed and packaged in our brewery, in the centre of Manchester, from the finest quality ingredients we can buy. Our 24hL Premier Stainless Systems brewhouse, and 18 fermentor 840hL cellar allow us to work with precision and consistency. Our ABE LinCan 60 canning line and sub 5ºC cold store allow us to package and store our beer with the minimum degradation of flavour or quality.

We are independently owned and directed by our co-founder Paul Jones, and committed to running an ethically conscious, human-centred business, with values that we all hold dear. Our intention is to support and nurture the food, drink and creative communities in Manchester, showcase the passion for innovation and ambition in the North, and help the UK lead the way in honouring tradition whilst pushing boundaries and evolving tastes through modern, seasonal beer.

The future of modern British beer springs forth from our efforts today. You have our word that behind every beer is work to evolve, develop, educate, and ensure the future of the industry and your beer experiences reach the highest highs.

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India Pale Ale


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