De Moersleutel – Macaroon Machine


De Moersleutel – Macaroon Machine


Think of cocnut, think of chocolate and think of pure luxury in your glass, that is what this beer is all about. a rich aroma paired with a decandent flavor profile.

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We’re Pim, Tom, Rob and Max. Four brothers who founded De Moersleutel craft brewery back in 2016. At the time, our dad and his friend had their own small brewery and we would brew our own creations when the tanks would be available. Coffee, chocolate, fruit. We experimented with all sorts of flavours. Our first brew for the market actually was a blended imperial stout. Not something for the big crowd, but something we liked to make. To this day we still hold on to this value: We only make beers we like – high in quality and crazy taste. By doing so we’ve been able to grow a big and supporting community and with the help of crowdfunding expanded our brewery vastly. So why beer engineers? We all have a technical background and we use this to our advantage. With our company Zomerdijk Engineering we design and build machines to help small breweries scale up production, including our own.

At De Moersleutel we’re always in search of, and creating, new sensations for our tastebuds. When we’re not doing that, we’re perfecting our existing beers. Our beers are in your face, without compromise, and complex while still keeping a balance. To top it off, they’re usually nice full, and soft in texture. So yeah, we don’t really brew beers for everyone; just for those who like explicit tastes. We aim to make brews that become legendary and we will not stop till people have become ruined for life because of our beers. Want to try some? Go to and order right away. Rather go to a shop near you? Check out the map below.

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