Sori Brewing – Hybrid Treats V1 – Cinnamon Bun & Dark Roast Coffee


Sori Brewing – Hybrid Treats V1 – Cinnamon Bun & Dark Roast Coffee

Sori Brewing | Pastry Stout | 12% | 33cl


Breakfast for dessert? Or dessert for breakfast? Here at Sori we believe that mealtimes are an outdated social construct used to shame people who rightly wish to indulge their sweet tooth at any time of day. Don’t be afraid to get your fingers sticky, and dive into the decadent combo of creamy espresso and sweet, indulgent, bakery fresh cinnamon bun in the velvety goodness of this Imperial Pastry Stout.

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Pyry Hurula used to work in a big energy company portfolio management, making sure metropolitan Helsinki area was all lit and heated. He has always been a part-time marketing entrepreneur as well. In Sori, he’s the creative and strategic head. He’s also the one behind all the graphics. Pyry’s phone is integrated to his hand and he’s devoted to connecting with our fans through social media.

Heikki Uotila used to market women’s’ shoes and flirt with bloggers for one of the Europe’s biggest online retailer. Heikki was the one igniting the idea of having a brewery, but it took two to make it to reality. He was probably good in marketing ladies shoes and all, now he is the man behind the beers and production planning.

At some point, there were three of us. After a year of learning entrepreneurship the hard way, one decided to move and for work in a lab with an another brewery. A great lesson about entrepreneurship; it requires a lot from you and people around you. We have remained as friends and we all gained some!

Now, Sori Brewing has grown to a real brewery with talented brewers and people behind the scenes working every day to push limits and create new. Steadily we grow our family and make this crazy story even bigger. We applaude to our great team today. Head brewer Timeon McDowell is a dynamic duo with our Aussie brewer Rob Campbell – and they would be in trouble without the quality manager Kadri Kaljula and the master of packages, Katrin Trumm. From sales department you get big smile from our tireless Eero Vehka-Aho.

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